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A history of candles.
Candles have cast a light on human's progress for centuries. However, there is very little known about the origin of candles. It is the Romans who are credited with developing the wick candle, using it to aid travelers at dark and lighting homes and places of worship at night. With the introduction of the light bulb in 1879, candle making declined until the turn of the century when a renewed popularity for candles emerged. Although no longer man's major source of light, candles continue to grow in popularity and use. Today, candles symbolize celebration, mark romance, define ceremony, and accent decor — continuing to cast a warm glow for all to enjoy.
A history of Cathy’s Candles.
We have researched and developed a technique that enables us to have a unique approach to decorating our candles.  The motifs do not peel or disintegrate over time.  There is no restriction on burning the candles because the candles themselves are of the best quality and the motifs are not made of cardboard or plastic address labels.  The motives blend into the candle – they are not just stuck on like a glue backed stickers.
Because of our method of decorating we have the ability to design and decorate  any motive/picture/logo/photo you want making it truly unique to you.Besides our usual categories of candles they can be a terrific idea for –
  • Table decorations at functions/weddings/dinner
  • parties etc
  • Thank you gifts
  • Sports presentations
  • School presentations
  • Corporate presentations
  • Bonbonniere
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